Smashed it - Congratulations Card

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open the celebrations with Richard Darani's "Egg-celent Achievement" Congratulations Card! This isn't your ordinary congrats card; it's a high-five in an envelope, featuring a champion egg who's just aced life's latest challenge. Sitting proud in its egg cup throne, spoon in wing (because, why not?), this little eggy hero is all set to toast to your monumental wins, be it nailing that adulting thing, or simply making it through Monday without a meltdown

Why This Card is a Cracking Choice:

Pun-believably Funny: Packed with puns so good, they're almost too "eggs-tra" to handle.
Shell-shockingly Unique Art: An egg that's smashed life's latest level? That's art you won't find just anywhere.
Spoon-Ready for Celebrations: Because every victory, big or small, deserves a toast with a... spoon.

Sunny Side Up Benefits

Laughter Guaranteed: This card is a surefire way to scramble up some smiles.
Personal Touch: Blank inside so you can egg-spress your congrats in your own words.
Egg-straordinary Keepsake: More than just a card, it's a memento of the day they truly "smashed it."

Perfect For

  • Pun Lovers: For those who appreciate a good yolk, er, joke.
  • Victors of Life's Challenges: From graduations to promotions, or just surviving a diet for more than a week.
  • Anyone in Need of a Good Giggle: Because who can resist a chuckle at an egg in an eggcup with a spoon?

With Richard Darani's "Egg-celent Achievement" Card, you're not just sending congratulations; you're delivering a round of applause with a side of laughter. Ready to make someone's day un-egg-spectedly awesome? This card is ready to get cracking!
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Hand drawn illustrations

All the illustrations that you see are created by me on my trusty IPad using Procreate.