Richard Darani | About me

About Me - Richard Darani

Hi, I’m Richard, the illustrator and designer

My fun and cute illustrations are straight from my imagination are hand-drawn and digitally coloured.

All my Art Prints and Greeting Cards are handmade and affordable so that everyone can enjoy them.

So where do I start when I was younger I absolutely loved (and was slightly obsessed with) the Looney Tunes cartoons and would spend hours attempting to draw them!
My mum would take me and my sisters to the Warner Bros store in Lakeside when it was around and I loved nothing more than looking at all the animation cells that used to hang on the walls, (I even asked the shop attendants "how to draw" characters tissue paper that they use to wrap the gifts in and hang them up on my wall like posters!). 

Now I am older I have worked as a retoucher/artworker for various magazines including Asiana and Where Magazine (where I got to work on publications for Warner Bros, Film UK and the Olivier Awards.

I am currently a T.A in a school And In 2018 I entered Ohh Deer's Pillow Fight competition and I was picked as one of the winners with my design now available on their website. I also had my work sold in shops such as The Turpentine, Junk and Disorderly and State of Distress.

So there you have it if there is anything else you want to know just ask :)