Silver Vinyl Star Planner/Reward Stickers

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Jazz up your daily grind with Richard Darani's Stellar Star Stickers! These aren't just any stickers; they're your personal constellation in the making. At a dainty 1.5 cm, each of the 25 hand-drawn stars is ready to twinkle on your planners, journals, or wherever you deem fit. Packed on a 4.5 x 6-inch sheet of chic matte silver vinyl, they're the perfect mix of sophistication and sparkle.

 Why You'll Adore These Stickers:

Celestial Charm: Add a sprinkle of stardust to your notes and make even the mundane magical.
Sticker Couture: With their matte silver finish, these stickers are the little black dress of stationery.
Crafted with Love: Each star is hand-drawn, making every sheet a unique galaxy to explore.

Stellar Perks:

  • Personality Pop: Let your true self shine with stickers that are as unique as you.
  • Organizational Magic: Who knew tracking tasks could feel like stargazing?
  • Creative Canvas: Your planner is the night sky; these stars, your constellations.

Perfect For:

  • Star Gazers: For those who know their destiny is written in the stars (or at least in their planner).
  • Stationery Fashionistas: Elevate your stationery game to celestial heights.
  • Organizational Wizards: Turn the chore of planning into a cosmic adventure.

With Richard Darani's Star Stickers, you're not just sticking; you're storytelling. Let each star be a plot point in the epic saga of your life. Ready to add some twinkle to your tasks? These stars are waiting to align for you!

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Hand drawn illustrations

All the illustrations that you see are created by me on my trusty IPad using Procreate.